Live Roller Conveyors

The “Live Roller” conveyors are motorized roller conveyors through resistant  o-rings, from individual pulleys that by friction are driven by a shaft that runs the entire length of the conveyor.

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The rollers have at one end a shaped sector to guide the o-rings, and rotate through an axis using ball bearings (protected against dust), made of carbon steel, galvanized carbon steel and stainless steel.

The particular way of the move transmission allows to regulate the rollers traction, making possible the packages accumulation in sectors or throug all the length of the conveyor.

These conveyors are used especially where, due to the need for processing, packages must be temporarily accumulated.

The “Live Roller” conveyors are simple to install, easy to maintain and cheap compared to others of similar utility, allowing to convey in a rectilinear or curved way, different types of loads (from light to medium), and always offering good packages handling. Commonly used in several industries, logistics, end of line, assembly of house appliances, tires, assembly lines, distribution,etc.