Modular Belt Conveyors

Modular belt conveyors have been developed to a great extent of years, offering significant comparative advantages with respect to alternatives in PVC belts or metal belts, such as ease of cleaning, longer life, no deformation, quick and easy installation, in addition, to adapt to specific functions such as accumulation, alignment, dragging.

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In all cases the modular belt is pulled by driving crowns, located in a tip or intermediate head, and runs on a bed of plastic profiles with lateral guides in plastic with low coefficient of friction (UHMW).
The equipment or frame structures are made of folded sheets of carbon steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel with the possibility of sanitary termination if required.
We can offer conveyor equipment with a wide variety of modular belts, from conventional smooth belts (perforated or not), with various pitches, belts with rollers for accumulation (zero pressure), belts with guide rollers, belts with grip, belts with pushers.
We have extensive experience in the design, construction and installation of a wide range of modular conveyor belts for different uses in industry and logistics.
Modular belt conveyors are frequently used in the food, refrigeration, automotive, pneumatic industries, in automatic palletizing, sorting and depalletizing systems.