Vibratory Conveyor

Vibratory conveyors allow the rhythmic movement of the material, thanks to oscillations with a regulated frequency. The material is placed on a steel plate, (which can be perforated or not), being moved without deformation or breakage.

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These conveyors are used for the horizontal moving of the material deposited on the vibrating plate, quickly, clean and efficiently.

Used in relative short distance or materials extraction, under chutes or silos, toconvey minerals, stones, cereals, grains, food products, etc.

The vibratory plate can be made of carbon steel, special steels or stainless steel, and they can be perforated, in order to be used as sieves, cooling or heating processes.

The structure of the vibratory conveyor is generally made with structural and (or) laminated profiles, it can be made of painted steel, or galvanized steel or stainless steel.