Bucket Elevator

Bucket elevators are widely used in the industry, they allow to convey in vertical way materials with regular grain size, quickly and efficiently, for light and heavy work, in the food industry, mill, arids, cement, chemical , mining, etc.

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Basically made up of a steel frame with closed rectangular section, where the belt or chains with buckets runs transversely (vertical way), which conveys the material from the bottom of the elevator to the top, where it is discharged by gravity or centrifugal speed.

The buckets has a special shape according to their use, fixed by bolts to the belt (or chains), and can be made of plastic, carbon steel or stainless steel.

This equipment is adecuated to elevate materials of various granulometry and dry, such as cereals, stones, flours, chemical products, minerals, cements, coal, plastics, food products, fertilizers.

Depending on the requirements, this equipment can be manufactured in painted steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel structures.