Tube Chain Conveyor

The tubular chain conveyors represent a type of transport machine that involves economic, flexible, easy to configure, install and maintain.  Although it is reserved for a range of low transport capacities. It is an ideal system for various process industries, making it possible the transfer of materials, both vertically and horizontally, with the possibility of intermediate loads and discharges, allowing special layouts and configurations, added to a continuous confinement of the product, avoiding its contamination, alteration or emission of particles into the environment, which makes it ideal for the transfer of powders, cereals, chips, shavings (rubbish, splinters), plastics, granulate, flours.

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The material is transported by drag using a chain of breaking load suitable for the installation, which has plastic pushers with a low coefficient of friction taken from bolted metal supports, of circular section, and regularly spaced.
According to requirements, they can be made of carbon steel, galvanized carbon steel or stainless steel.