Redler Conveyor

These conveyors are commonly used in collection and process lines of grains, oil, mill, fusel oil, cement, etc., industry. Their folded sheet metal structure, and bolted, forms a rectangular section, where the material is confined and conveyed by dragging through one or more chains, which has metal or plastic pushers with a low friction coefficient (UHMW), of adequate section, and regularly spaced.

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They are widely used for the transport of cereal, coal, woodchips, ashes and all dry and homogeneous granular materials, allowing to avoid  contamination by dust from the environment, due to being closed section and and low speed.

There are models with self-cleaning bottoms, which allow the transported material to be completely removed from inside the equipment.

Depending on the requirements, Redlers can be manufactured in carbon steel, galvanized carbon steel or stainless steel structures.