Pallets Elevator

In diverse situations regarding industry in general, logistics and warehouse management, it is necessary to move packages or boxes from one level of the building to another. For these instances, in sectors with limited space we have developed a fast, and low maintenance elevator that needs minimal construction.

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Ideal for low to medium productions, this elevator takes up very little space, and is easily clogged on any transport line.
The equipment receives the packages or boxes on the lower level. Through a dosing conveyor, it passes the package to a platform that contains a belt or roller conveyor, which is hoisted, employing a hydraulic or mechanical mechanism to take it to the upper level. A system of guides with adjustable wheels throughout the lifting path, makes it possible to transfer the packages smoothly.
The standard elevation levels can go up to 20 meters. The transport capacity varies depending on the height and characteristics of the package, ranging from 10 packages/hour to 60 packages/hour.
Depending on the requirements, they can be manufactured in carbon steel, galvanized carbon steel or stainless steel structures.