Continuos Package Elevator

When the package cadency are high, the use of Continuous Elevators is necessary, eliminating stops, pauses and starts times.

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Our package elevator makes it possible to elevate packages of determined dimensions, saving differences in dimensions in narrow places, differentiating itself from other equipments due to its robust building, easy of maintenance and access, safe operation and, most important, constructive simplicity.

The elevator has a minimum of equipment, which translates into low maintenance and price, its compact design minimizes the need for space, making it possible to work in a clean and safe environment, and it is prepared for continuous work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The control system, its components and transmission system is totally mechanical, but the positioning of the boxes, its monitoring inside the equipment and discharge monitoring is made by several sensors that report to the PLC, which allows a safe and reliable operation, avoiding destabilizations.

The equipment needs electrical energy for the main controls, which are controlled from a general board located next to the equipment.

The Elevator allows the addition of complementary equipment such as open box detectors, package counter, barcode reader, etc.

The regular elevation heights can reach up to 15 meters, and capacity change according to the height and characteristics of the package, from 30 packages/hour to 600 packages/hour.

According to the requirements, elevatos can be manufactured in carbon steel or stainless steel structures, for the last option it can be requested with sanitary design.