Friction Head Rollers Conveyor

In this type of conveyors, rollers uses a shaft and bearings to roll (protected against dust). It can be made in galvanized steel, stainless steel or plastic, and they are driven by a friction belt located in the lower part. 

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Drive belt has a friction surface, which is motorized by a system of pulleys and guided through all the equipment by independently regulated pulleys, which allows modifying the contact between belt and the frictio head of the rollers, and with it the traction on them.

These conveyors are used where it is not possible to use the potential energy to move the packages over the rollers, or it is necessary to maintain control of movement throughout the transport equipment, allowing starts, stops, accelerations, alignment, twists or buildup of packages with low pressure.

Packages with a regular lower surface travel smoothly over the rollers, making it possible to stop, accumulate, rotate or align them at any time.

The Friction Belt Roller Conveyors are good to transport light or medium loads, allowing a good handling of the package at any times.