Belt Driven Roller Conveyor

In those cases where it is not possible to use the potential energy to move the packages over the rollers, or we need to have control of the movement through the conveyor, allowing starts, stops, accelerations, alignments or turns, there are used the belt driven roller conveyors.

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A central rubber belt is ubicated under the rollers and drives roller-to-roller through all equipment, the belt has a power unit on it´s pull head.

These conveyors are made up of solid structure, built in folded steel sheets, where the rollers are located, positioned at regular distances, according to the dimensions and characteristics of each package to be convey, they are manufactured by CNC machines, allowing an exact assembly for all components.

Supporting structures and frames are made of carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless steel.

Belt driven rollers conveyors allows light or medium loads, in several widths (from 200 mm to 2400 mm), having the advantage of the full with use due to no chain on the side is required.