Belt Conveyors

Widely used for the transport of all types of packages, belt conveyor are efficient, fast, economic, easy maintenance and operation, allowing a wide range of combinations.

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The conveyor belts allow to transport, horizontally and vertically (depending on the slope), most of the packages present in the industry, logistics, mail offices, airport terminals, etc.
In all cases the conveyor belt is driven by a driving drum, located in a tip or intermediate head, and runs on a bed of rollers arranged straight, or failing on a sliding bed.
These transport equipment can have load centering devices, aligners, screw band tensioners, railings, retractable heads, etc., according to the characteristics of use.
The conveyor belts can be fixed or mobile, in this case a displacement and fixing system is added, and they generally have a lifting system, allowing them to be adapted to different configurations.
Depending on the requirements, they can be manufactured with carbon steel or stainless steel, in the latter case it can be requested with sanitary design.