Table Top Chain Conveyors

When it is necessary to move packages with flat bottom surface, chain conveyors are widely used, since they make it possible to transport, elevate and accumulate containers, boxes, drums, pallets, cans, trays, etc., allowing various options and configurations, since several of these equipment allow curves and elevations.

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They have a folded sheet metal structure where the guides are placed in metal or plastic with low coefficient of friction (UHMW), where the flat articulated chain slides, there are different models according to needs of use, such as: chain type table top , bi-planar chain, roller chain, flat chains with accumulation wheels, fin chain with grip. etc.
The possibilities of these equipment and their configurations are multiple, from on-boarding lines, with accumulation and alignment tables, to heavy lines for transporting heavy pallets, anodes, etc.
These equipment can be manufactured in different material alternatives, with frames in carbon steel, galvanized carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel and transport chains in steel, stainless steel and polypropylene.