Chain Conveyors Power & Free

The Power & Free conveyors combine the advantages of conventional overhead chain conveyors with the possibility of convey packages at will, that is, independently of the conveyor chain movement, allowing middle stops, deviations, transfers, punctual drops, and accumulation, really important advantages in assembly lines, temporary storage stations, continuous process lines linked to other processes, complex transport lines.

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Like the conventional overhead chain conveyors, a forged or laminated steel chain of the bi-planar type, with pusher fingers, circulates guided trough a profile into a closed circuit. Underneath another guide made up of laminated profiles, guides and allows the transfer of carriages to which elements that support the packages to be convey. By means of different mechanical devices (with electric or pneumatic drive), it is possible to drive the packages through an unlimited number of possible routes, in addition to stopping it (without having to stop the chain), accumulating or diverting it according to a certain logic.

The loading and unloading of the elements becomes independent from the movement of the conveyor chain.

The "power & free" conveyors are used in several types of industries, both in assembly lines, production lines, and vehicle assembly.